Washington Secretly Steals Stony Point

In early July, our brilliant general, George Washington, watched the British forces at Stony Point with his own two eyes from a nearby mountain. He eventually had come to the Conclusion that he would attack stony point at midnight. After learning a lot about them from that mountain, Washington was certain we could win this Battle. His confidence and leadership also made his troops ready for the fight. Washington put General Anthony Wayne in charge of the troops, to take the British fort. Wayne commanded what was known as the Corps of light. Wayne and the Corps of Light marched from Fort Montgomery all the way to Stony Point. This was a brutal march that contained narrow roadways, and they had to capture any civilians they encountered, to keep the attack a surprise. These soldiers were real tough, and had to persevere through these hard times along the way. But they did persevere which made them true, tough soldiers. Once they reached a farm, about two miles out of Stony Point, they were given a plan. The Plan was that their would be 3 separate columns. One Column of the Continental Force, containing 300 men, would have to walk through the marshes of the Hudson River, and attack from the north. The second column of the Continental Force would have to march through the swampy waters of Haverstraw Bay. This column was lead by Wayne himself. This column would attack from the south. The third column would be stationed very near Stony Point. This column was meant to serve as a distraction for the British. Their goal was to fire Musket volleys to create some attention.
Mean while the other two columns had a plan to defeat the British. Each column had a group called the "Forlorn Hope". These 20 mean would get to the British lines first and try to advance. While the main part of the column would attack riverside. This was basically a suicide mission, and those soldiers are warriors and will always be remembered. Because the Continental Army would be attacking at night, they all wore white pieces of paper on their head, so they wont get confused with the British. This Brilliant strategy definitely gave them an edge in this fight. Because the continental army wanted this attack to be a surprise, they didn't even load the muskets just in case an incidental shot was fired. They were only to use the Bayonet on the musket. The third column's distraction should be enough to keep column's 1 and 2 under the radar.


These Muskets were versatile muskets that could be used as a club, a gun, and a bayonet. If the gun powder ever got wet, they would always have something to fight with. In this case they wanted to not make any noise so they used only the sharp pointed end, meant for stabbing. The bulk of the fighting took place around 1 AM in the morning. Because all of the Americans had white paper on their heads, it made sure to keep everything more organized and steady. Only 15 Americans were killed, opposed to the 20 British killed. These were very low mortality rates all due to the outstanding American strategy. They had the British surrounded, and gave the British no choice but to surrender, By morning, the Americans had successfully regained Stony Point.

“Our officers and men behaved like men who are determined to be free,” said Wayne. Wayne had a very nice, and successful win as general. This was a powerful win that sent a message to the British. This really boosts the American morale, and now we know we can win. After four years of fighting, its time for the British to go away. We as Americans must Rise to the Occasion! And after Wayne's victory we know its possible.

-What strategies did General Anthony Wayne use to Capture the fort?
-How did the mission stay a secret?
-What were the goals of each of the three columns?