The Down Fall of Bunker Hill!

The Place of the Battle: It was in Charlestown Penninsula on the North side of Boston Harbor.
The Size of the armies: 2,400 British troops against 1,500 Americans.
The Result: British were victorious
The types of Uniforms, arms and equipment they had: The British grenadiers, men wore red coats, the headgear of the companies, bearskin fronted mitre caps, tricorne hats and caps, and were armed with muskets, bayonets and cannons. The British had light guns and were supported by the heavy guns of the fleet. The Americans were armed with muskets or whatever firearms they could bring, a few bayonets and some light guns.

external image Map_of_the_Battle_of_Bunker_Hill_area.jpg
A map of Bunker Hill.

The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775, mostly on and around Breed's Hill. This was after the battles of Lexington and Concord. The general for the British goes by the name William Howe. The British wanted to surprise attack the us. What the British didn’t know was that we had worked nonstop building our main fortification on Breed's Hill which lay at the foot of Bunker Hill to the north. 1,200 colonial troops under the command of William Prescott stealthily occupied Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill. As the British moved forward, we remained silent. "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes," was the order passed along the lines. When that moment came, the word "FIRE!" was shouted by us and the both armies went ballistic. Howe got his men together and told them don’t stop attacking. After railing his men up a couple of times and attacking us we were driven out of Bunker Hill. In a final assault American General Joseph Warren and British Major John Pitcairn were killed.

This video will show you what happened to us and will give you a small summary about the battle of Bunker Hill.

How America set up:
On June 16 William Prescott led about 1,200 men so they can set up. The force of men was made up from the control of Prescott, Putnam, and James Frye. There was some work done on Bunker hill but Breed's hill was closer to Boston and was a better place to fight. They decided to build their primary redoubt there. Some of the men began digging a square fortification and getting ready for the battle. America got prepared and they were ready to fight.

How the British set up:
The British had many ideas on how the could attack the Americans. One of them were the British Army would come from the Mystic River beach but it didn't work. The other one was meant to be at the front of the redoubt but climbing up the hill ended up being a mistake and once again it didn't work. The last attack was they will take hand to hand combat and the colonists eventually gave up.
external image 220px-Bunker_hill_first_attack.gif external image 220px-Bunker_hill_second_attack.gif
The first attack from the British on Bunker Hill. The second attack from the British on Bunker Hill

external image 220px-Bunker_hill_final_attack.gif
The third and the last attack from the British on Bunker Hill.

"The white in there eyes":
The famous quote "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" was mainly said and it was an order given during the battle of Bunker Hill. We are not sure who said it first though. Some soldiers say that Putnam, Stark, Prescott or Gridley may of been the first to say it. It also didn't come from the battle of Bunker Hill, the order was given during the Battle of Dettingen on 27 June 1743. The order was also said by many people like Prince Charles of Prussia in 1745, and in 1755 by Frederick the Great. Well this quote mainly means that the colonial leaders were just reminding their troops to hold their fire until the moment when it would have the greatest effect.

File:Bunker Hill by Pyle.jpg
File:Bunker Hill by Pyle.jpg

This picture shows the Battle of Bunker Hill. This painting was printed by Howard Pyle, and was published in Scribner's Magazine in February 1898. The Delaware Art Museum owned this painting but it was missing in 2001.

This video will also give you more information about the Battle of Bunker Hill.

After Math for the British:
The British did take the land but did have a great loss of men. 226 men died and 828 were wounded from the British army. The count was the highest number of British men wounded or died during the entire war. British dead and wounded included 100 commissioned officers. Much of General Howe's fied staff was dead or wounded. Major Pitcairn had been killed, and Lieutenant Colonel James Abercrombie fatally wounded.

After math for America:
They lost a lot of men but they did show the British that they can do it. 140 man died. Most of the colonial losses came during the withdrawal. One of the reason why they gave up was because they ran out of ammunition. Major Andrew McClary was the highest ranking colonial officer to die in the battle. He was hit by cannon fire in Charlestown and the last person to be killed in the battle. He was later remembered by the dedication of Fort McClary . America did lose the Battle of Bunker Hill but they did gain something from it and that is that they showed the British they can defeat them and they are a strong military power.

Discussion Questions:
1. Would you rather be part of the British and win the battle or lose the battle but show the British that you able to win and that you are able to defeat them ?
2. From you opinion who do you think said the quote first from the links given on the people "Don't fire untill you see the white in there eyes"?
3. Do you think if the British did there third plan first they would still defeat America although the Americans still had more ammunition?