The Battle of Eutaw Springs
Who: American vs. British
When: 1781
Location: South Carolina
Results: Cornwallis succumbed to General George Washington
at the Battle of Yorktown, and American Independence was assured
The Battle of Eutaw Springs was a Revolutionary War battle near Charleston, South Carolina. This occurred on
September 8, 1781. British troops were led by Col. Alexander Stewart against American attacks under General
Nathanael Greene. Greene wanted to prevent Stewart from joining Charles Cornwallis and that’s why he put an
end to the British threat to the south. The American had 2,000 troops and even though they were in bad conditions
they won. These conditions included poor clothing, walking barefoot, and being slightly outnumbered. Stewart withdrew
his forces to Charleston, where they stayed until the end of the war.


The Battle of Eutaw Springs was the last engagement of the war in the Carolinas. At
the time, Nathanael Greene was the general of the Continental Army. On May 22
he attempted to storm the British post at Fort Ninety-Six but repelled. On September 8,
around 4 am, Nathanael Greene attacked again, this time at Eutaw Springs, South
Carolina. The militia in the first line under Marion and Pickens did courageous
service and were supported by the regulars in the second line. Luckily, General Nathanie
l was successful after a desperate conflict. However, in the pursuit, the Americans botched
to dislodge the British from a stone house which they held. They lost over 500 men. The
British lost about 1,000, half of whom were prisoners. Again a tactical defeat proved to
the Americans a strategic victory. In the course of the night the British retreated to
Charleston in such haste as to leave their wounded. On September 9th, they retreated.
Nathaniel left his wounded men and on his way to Monks Corner, he died in a black
cabin on Wan toot Plantation. He was later buried beside the road. Many of the men who
were killed were buried where they fell. This was the last major battle in South Carolina.
This battle completely broke the British hold in the South it denied needed aid to the British
forces in the North. Only 6 weeks later,Cornwallis succumbed to General George Washington
at the Battle of Yorktown, and American Independence was assured.

This is a map of their journey.


This is a video of the Independence and the rights that the people gained.

1.) What was the reasoning for
Nathaniel Green's decision for attacking on September 8th
at four o'clock in the morning?

2.)How would the outcome changed if they attacked later in the day?

3.) Do you think the British performed better because they killed more man?

4.) Do you think Nathaniel was a good leader? Why or why not? Opinions may vary.