Musket Fire Echos on King's Mountain.

The Battle of King's Mountain was a battle between Loyalist and Patriot militias. In just an hour the Patriots completely obliterated the Loyalist, or Tories as they're called by the Patriots. The Tories were lead by Major Patrick Ferguson. After the Overmountain men (east Tennessean and southwestern Virginians) refused his offer to take the loyalty oath and to cease providing safe harbors for militiamen from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, Ferguson sent a message to Patriots officers stating, "that if they did not desist from their opposition to the British army, and take protection under his standard, he would march his army over the mountains, hang their leaders, and lay their country waste with fire and sword.” This message did nothing more then to fuel the fire for the Patriot militia of South Carolina. Militia Colonel Isaac Shelby, rode straight to North Carolina to meet with Colonel John Sevier.When they met the two men found the best way to deal with Ferguson was to rise all the men they could and march on his camp and surprise attack him. Shelby also convinced five other Miltia leaders to join the fight. Col.Campbell, Col.McDowell, Lt. Col.Hambright. Col.Cleveland, Col.Winstonand all their men would join eachother to make a fighting force of 1400 strong. They made Campbell commander, but agreed that they would all act like a council. On the Sep. 25th, Col.Shelby and Sevier met with Col.Campbell at Watauga which was the three Col.'s rendevous point. Then by the 30th all seven Colonels had join and were on the march to Gilbert Town. Unfortunetly two Patriot deserters had gotten to Col. Ferguson first and worned him about the large force and left the town to join with Gen.Cornwallis at Charlotte. Ferguson had sent out a message to Cornwallis for reinforcements. On Oct. 4 the Patriot force arrived in the town they had realized time was short and rushed to catch up wth Ferguson and his men. On Oct.6 the militia had reached Cowpens, South Carolina where they received the news of Ferguson's plan to meet up with Cornwallis. Patriot spies gave word that Ferguson was camped on top of King's Mountain with 1500 men, thie information was proved accurate. The Colonels knew they would have to move quickly to reach Ferguson. Insted of pushing on Ferguson made camp which would be his down fall. He was just a days march away from Cornwallis. The Patriot militia need to hurry to catch Ferguson so they put 900 men on horseback and went to King's Mountain. They marched throught the rainy night of Oct.6 into the morning of the 7th. By late afternoon they had reached King's Mountain. The mountain was shaped like a foot with the the "heel" as the highest point. It was a wooded mountain. Around 3p.m. the 900 Patriots had split into eight groups of 100-200 men. Campbell and Sevier lead one party up the heel of the mountian while the others seven surrounded the rest of the mountian. external image BattleofKingsMountain.jpgThe Loyalist had been taken by surprise and had no idea the Patriots were at the mountian until they had opened fire. Ferguson had his troops charge at Campbells party with fixed bayonets. The patriots retreateddown the hill and into the woods. Once reloaded they charged back up the mountain. This happened again and again for an hour. The Tories had suffered heavy losses by this point and Ferguson was riding back and forth trying to control his men. Eventually the Patriots got behind Ferguson and when the loyalist tried to wave the white flag he would cut them down. Trying to rally his men he scream, "The day is ours men." this had little to no effect. He then drew his sword and tried to charge through the Patriot line but was shot seven times and killed. Seeing Ferguson was dead the loyalist tried to surrender once more but were shot dead again. This battle turned to slaughter lasted for 65 mins. Finally the Colonels regained control and took the remaining loyalist as prisoners of war (P.O.W). At the end of the day 244 loyalist were killed, 163 wounded, and 668 taken prisoners. The Patriots lost 29 men and had 58 wounded. Fearing Cornwallis would arrive soon the militia moved out quickly, The day was theres.
external image kingsmtn.jpg
1. How many officers led the patriots in the battle and what were they're names?

2.How many POWs were taken after the battle?

3.What was Ferguson's plan to escape the patriots?