Herkimer stops British at Oriskany


(The injured Herkimer still on the battle field with his men)

external image moz-screenshot.pngOn August 3, 1777 British Lieutenant ColonelBarry St. Leger with an army of 1,800 men consisting of British Regulars, Hessians, Loyalists, Oneida Indians and Rangers led his troops to ambush Fort Stanwix, as part of the British War Plan of 1777, that was thought of by John Burgoyne. American Lieutenant Colonel Marinus Willet wouldn't stand a chance, he only had a few hundred patriots in the fort, not nearly enough to defend it from such a large army. Luckily American Brigadier GeneralNicholas Herkimer and his men caught word of this. Herkimer and his 800 militia men from the Tryon County Militia, raced off from Fort Dayton to intercept and defeat this threatening British force. British Lieutenant Colonel Barry St. Leger heard about Herkimer's quickly advancing army and sent 1,200 of his forces to instead ambush Herkimer and his men at Oriskany Creek. On August 6, 1777 when Herkimer and his men arrived at Oriskany Creek the were ambushed by Leger's men, just as Leger planned. It was an epic battle, men fought hand to hand combat with their brave general at their side. During the battle Herkimer sustained a serious injury to his leg, his men propped him up against a tree and continued the assault. As long as the battle went on, Herkimer refused to leave the battle field. Eleven days later General Herkimer died because his leg was infected, they tried to amputate his leg, but it was too late, the infection had already spread and Herkimer died. By this time Marinus Willet had been there with reinforcements and the combined forces drove the British off and foiled there plan. After the battle of Oriskany Barry St. Leger and what was left of his army to attack Fort Schuyler, but he ran into GeneralBenedict Arnold who was advancing from Fort Oswego. After fighting Herkimer's forces then fighting Benedict Arnold Barry St. Ledger had no army to fight with and could not carry out his part of the British plan.The final blow that crushed the British plan was at The Battle of Saratoga.

(the ambush at oriskany creek)

(Fort Stanwix)

1.) Name 3 commander in this battle
2.) How many days was it before Herkimer died of infection?
3.) What was the original British plan and how did it change when Herkimer got involved?
4.) What happened to Barry St. Leger and his forces after the fled from the Battle of Oriskany?