battle_of_white_plains.jpgThe Battle of White Plains took place in White Plains, New York on October 28th 1776. It was a battle between the British and Americans. And

on the British side, the Hessians were helping. It was significant because

the outcome proved that although the Americans didn't win, they don't lose every battle they fight.

For this battle there were two major generals. They were Major General

Howe and General George Washington. General Howe led the British and

Hessians to fight the Americans, and General George Washington led the

Americans to fight against the British and Hessians.

The British were outnumbered 13,000 to 14,500 Americans, but not every soldier was actually fighting. The British were wearing red coats with bearskin caps and the Germans were wearing blue coats. The two regiments of light dragoons serving in America, the 16th and 17th, wore leather crested helmets. The Americans dressed as best as they could with what they had. Both armies had muskets and guns for weapons.

Prior to the battle, Washington and his men watched the movement of General Howe from above on Harlem Heights. On October 12th, General Howe and his army arrived in Throgg’s Neck with ninety flat-boats .

Because Washington was watching Howe, he knew to send men to oppose Howe’s landing in Throgg’s Neck. After, Howe and his army took

post on the heights of New Rochelle, which was right across from White Plains. Washington first sent a detachment to White Plains, and then

on the 21st marched everyone over to White Plains. Both armies met in the White Plains battlefield on the 28th of October. While Howe was

waiting for reinforcements, Washington withdrew behind the hills of North Castle near the Croton River. It was there where Washington

decided to retreat into New Jersey. The British returned to Manhattan. Although Washington retreated first, it's considered a drawn battle.


Why do you think George Washington retreated?

How did General George Washington know where General Howe and his men landed?

Where did the British go after the Americans retreated?