The French Have Done It!

On a cool September day the British and French Naval Fleet took up canons at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. it was dire that the French beat the British so that the royal navy could not help its ground forces at Yorktown, Virginia, where they surrendered to the French and Continental Army. Under french rule was Francois Joseph Paul with 24 Ships, while the British were Sir Thomas Graves with only 19 ships. this battle was very important because the bay was needed to reach Washington D.C. and to deliver soldiers up and down the bay to major states. the exact date of the battle was September 5, 1781.

If the British got into the Chesapeake bay they could of not hold up on their side of the deal when they surrendered at Yorktown and could of overtaken the Americans by surprise so this battle was crucial.

The French came from the caribbean to help assist the the contientntal army against the british navy and their army of many soldiers

This Battle was of very important because if the British were able to back up its army the Americans could of lost Yorktown, Chesapeake Bay, all of the South, and Virginia.Cape Henry is one of the most important bays in the Chesapeake bay which made this a very important battle.


The French on the Left---English on RightThe Reason the French were in the war was because the powerful countries like to be on the winning side so the French picked the Americans so they could get back at the British for beating them at the French Indian War. They also faught the British back in Europe along with Spain.

It was a long and nasty battle between the French and the British, both sides were evenly matched but the French had more ships than the British which gave them an advantage over the world famous British army. Both sides had ships that were damadged and soilder that were wounded but the French scuttled one of the British's boats which made it sink.

What Were the French tryig to protect from the british?
Why Were the french Helping the americans?
what wsa going on up the chesapeake bay?