On February 27, 1776, British troops were heading to North Carolina to recruit more loyalists for the cause. A group of about seventy five of the British soldiers set out for a march at about 1:00 on the 27th of February. When they reached the bridge at Moore's creek, the patriots were ready and waiting. Colonel Richard Caswell, commander of the patriots had a master plan of attack. The loyalists advanced across the bridge, shouting, "King George and Broadswords!" but unannounced to them the bridge had been tampered with by the Americans, as strategy; they had oiled the bolts, removed some planks and loosened the base supports. The Patriots open fired on the British with muskets, rifles, and artillery, and dozens of loyalists fell. Even the British commanding officers fell their names were Captin John Campbell, and Major Donald McLeod. The Remaining British soldiers were shocked, and outgunned and had lost their leadership, they were forced to surrender and retreat. Wagons, weapons, and British sterling worth more than one million dollars in today's value were sized by the patriots in the days following the battle. Though the battle was a small one, the implications were large. The rebels' victory proved that America was strong, and it helped to move the British out of the Carolina's and eventually the Independence of America. Patriot militia at the battle of Moores Creek Bridge in 1776 won the first southern victory of the American Revolution.

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1. What type of weapons were used at the battle of Moore's creek?
Everyone who fought at Moore's creek bridge used weapons such as:
  • Frenck Muskets
  • British Brown Bess muskets
  • Feild Peices (Canons)
  • Bayonets
  • Flint Lock Pistols
  • Tomahawks
2. What time of day did this battle occur?
The patriots found out that a british patrol of 75 men were heading to cape veir North Carolina, and the set up an ambush at moore's Creek bridge the actual battle happend in the middle of the night around 1:00 A.M
3. What kind of impact did this battle have on the War?
The Loyalist defeat ended British plans for an invasionary force to land in Brunswick, North Carolina. The colony of North Carolina voted to declare independence from the British on April 12, 1776, shortly after the victory at Moores Creek.


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