Treaty Of Paris: A shot to the heart of the British Monarchy.
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The treaty of paris was singed on September 3, 1783. The document itself was ratified by the members of the Congress of the confederation and by King George of Great Britain. John Jay represented the United States and David Hartley represented the British monarch. The treaty was the final event of the American Revolution. It signified the end of a war and the beginning of a country.

The Ten Articles

  1. The first article in the treaty showed recognized that the thirteen colonies were now free of the British crown and free to govern in their own way.
  2. The second article showed the political boundaries between America and the British North American territories.
  3. The third article gave United States fisherman rights to fish in certain parts of England.
  4. The fourth article covered all debts that needed to be paid.
  5. The fifth article states that all land will be returned to its rightful loyalist owners.
  6. The sixth article stated that The United Stated will no longer confiscate property owned by loyalists.
  7. The seventh article stated that all prisoners of war will be released.
  8. The eighth article stated that both the United States and Great Britain would hasve access to the Mississippi River.
  9. Any land captured by America will be returned immediately.
  10. The last article stated that the treaty will be ratified within six months.

Although General Cornwallis surrendered in the fall of 1781, it took two additional years for the war to be finalized. The war officially ended on September 3, 1783, the day that the Treaty Of Paris was signed. The official negotiators were John Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin. It was named after the city in which it was signed and negotiated in. On the same day there was also an agreement singed by the British and Spain Granting Spain Florida and other territory in the south. After the treaty was signed and America was made a separate country, most of the loyalists still living in the United Stated moved northward to canada which was inhabited mostly by the French colonists. Eventually they began to migrate back down and hatred began to dwindle away.


1. What was the date that the Treaty of Paris was signed on?
2. How many articles are in the Treaty of Paris?
3. True/False: All loyalists were not rewarded their land back.