France is Giving their Assistance!
February 10, 1778
On February 6, 1778, France has agreed to sign a treaty of alliance stating that they will be allies with the United States and help aid and support the Americans if England continues to attack them. The treaty also stated that neither France nor the United States would concur to a separate peacewith Great Britain. This was negotiated by American diplomats Benjamin Franklin , Silas Deane, and In addition to this new agreement, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce with France was signed that same day promoting trade and commercial ties between the two countries. These treaties were a turning point in the American Revolution, because it showed that the United States would no longer be isolated and alone in this harsh war.
For the Americans though, it was not as easy as it sounds to have gotten the French on their side. Because of their continuous losses, no food, supplies, and lack of skill. the Americans were thought of as hopeless by the French and they did not want to engage in helping the failing colonies. But, after the Battle of Saratoga, when the Americans had funally begun to win some of the battles, the French decided to get in on the action and help out and form this alliance. The French was not entirely interested in the conflict and the fighting, but they were very interested in going against Great Britain by supporting their new opponent. (In the French and Indian War, Britain took the Frenches land and territory in North America and India.) The French extended considerable financial support to the Congressional forces. The French are to arrive in several months, and are to bring items like guns, gun powder, food, and many soldiers.
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French come to the Help - Video Revolutionary War scenes - Video French help with the Birth of the US - VideoDiscussion Questions:1. Did the French want to just join in on the fight, or did they have a reason to "get back" at Britain?2. If so, what was the reason for this?3. What things did the French supply the Americans with?