American Revolutionary War

News Wiki Project

The American Revolutionary War lasted 8 long years. During the war it was uncertain whether the badly equipped, untrained, and underfed Colonial Continental Army, led by George Washington, would ever be victorious over the what was thought to be the greatest military force in the world, the British Army and Navy.
You are a news corespondent living in the American colonies during this tumultuous time. Your editor assigned you to cover the war between England and its colonies.
Your assignment is to create a wiki about one of events of the Revolutionary War, place it on the class web page.

Choose one of the events of the Revolutionary War to focus your news coverage on. No event will be covered more than once.
You must get prior approval for the event from your teacher!!!

Your coverage of the event must be in a wiki format:

The news wiki must include the following components:
1. A Headline
2. A News story that explains the historical event in detail
3. Multiple links to various sources you used to research your event
4. Media- Pictures, Sound clips, and Video clips relating to your revolutionary event

ยง Create 3 in-depth questions about your revolutionary event that deal with key elements of the event and put them on the wiki

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